Outsourced Call Centre Services

Efficient and reliable customer services are - or should be - a priority for all forward-thinking businesses.

Angel Call Handling are experts in handling customer services and we are perfectly placed to offer your business a complete outsourced customer services department, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activity. 

Alternatively, we can compliment and enhance your existing call handling and customer services capacity or tailor our individual services - overflow or after hours service or brochure response lines - dependent on your requirements.

Core Business Benefits

The benefits to your business of using Angel Call Handling are immediate and clear -

  • By outsourcing your non-core functions, you can focus on key business activity

  • Customer services are expanded in order to alleviate the burden on your existing - or limited - capability

  • We provide enhanced cover for seasonal or time-sensitive peaks in call traffic

  • We are flexible in being able to deal with short-notice, short-term campaigns

  • We support your key marketing initiatives, such as product launches or promotions that can lead to significant increases in call volume

  • When you outgrow your existing messaging, answering or call handling capability, Confero's services are scalable, allowing for future growth


The implementation of the particular call centre service required will be carried out in full consultation with the client. This will include areas such as how our agents answer the phone, the integration of your existing customer service policy and procedures and your internal ordering and customer management systems. By offering these services, we afford your business professional and seamless support.

Angel Call Handling's service goes way beyond simply fulfilling your instructions and taking payment. We will become a vital component of your ongoing business strategy and will accompany you and your business on your 'journey' from where you are today to where you want to be six months, a year or five years from now.

customer services

By outsourcing your Customer Services department to Angel Call Handling, we can offer your business - and indeed your customers - a professional, expert-level and bespoke 'turnkey' customer services operation designed for your business, whether Blue Chip or SME.

overflow calls

A service that supplements your own Call Centre and Contact Centre facilities, offering extended opening hours and increased call capacity that is cost effective for you.


Specialist helpline staff, aided by comprehensive product training and access to FAQ's and knowledge databases, will answer queries and provide help on behalf of our clients

product recall

If your business is in the unfortunate position of having to recall a product, outsourcing your call handling to Angel Call Handling ensures your customers receive a professional, empathetic response that will both reassure them and allay their concerns. A live helpline service can be set up within 24 hours in an emergency.

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