• Angela 'alla' Saunders

You deserve a holiday, right??

You deserve to be sat around the pool, sun in face and beverage in hand or feeling that warm sand between your toes whilst casually strolling along the beach, spending time with the family, switching off to the outside world and most importantly your mobile phone….

But what if a certain customer calls? What if you miss that all important call? And don’t even think about that huge sales lead finally coming in that you been waiting for….

Well there is one simple, stress free yet professional solution!

Holiday Cover Call Handling, That’s it!

A simple divert, a professional assistant answering my calls, gathering all the information required and prioritising what’s important.

A simple yet professional seamless integration, no missed sales leads, all general enquiries handled first hand.

Everything taken care of and on your return, you simply just pick up where you left off, except you will be refreshed and relaxed having spent that all important quality time out.

The best thing is customers won’t even be aware they have been diverted, your advisor will answer in your company name using a default message personalized by you, gathering all the relevant information required by you.

Dependent on your business, it doesn’t just stop at Call Handling, your assistant can make diary bookings for you, book appointments, answer any frequently asked questions, gather all customer feedback, place orders or simply act as a switchboard to connect customers to relevant departments.

Don’t dismiss that all important time out, Contact Angel Call Handling, let us meet those needs and support you during your Holiday, we can even help you book the perfect retreat.

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