• Angela 'alla' Saunders

Why would you hire a Virtual Receptionist???

Imagine having a receptionist that NEVER takes a break, NEVER gets sick, NEVER goes on holiday, imagine having someone available ALL THE TIME.

This is just the 1 advantage to having a virtual receptionist, we haven’t even mentioned the seamless customer service experience or how this can return on investment ...!!

Majority of customers do not realize they are speaking with an answer service, they are just happy to speak with a REAL person, instead of an automated one.

Your virtual receptionist answers the phone with your customer name and is professional and polite every time.

Your virtual receptionist can do virtually anything you ask of them, from ordering, chasing orders, taking messages or just providing real time answers to frequently asked questions and much more either on the phone or by monitoring your websites Live chats.

As well as these few services available to you, we can also help return investment… HOW????

By capturing your lost sales and missed opportunity by simply being available when you are not.

Not only is having a virtual receptionist an advantage through the seamless service they give but also can help you reduce your businesses outgoings…. WHAT??

Here’s How:

No need to hire full time staff which in turn means –

* No Salary Pay

* No Holiday Pay

* No Sick Pay

* No Pensions

* No extra office costs

Instead what you are receiving is a professional service that seamlessly integrates to your business needs, without the extra costs.

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