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A simple solution to increasing customer satisfaction and boosting sales.

You will probably be surprised to learn the impact a simple Live chat can have on customer service and sales performance via your website.

Whether used as a customer service tool or as part of a sales journey, live chat gives customers the real-time interaction they require while at the same time being more flexible and traceable than a telephone call.

It’s a more convenient and less stressful experience than speaking with a stranger on the phone as well as being a more direct point of contact, there and then.

Don’t get me wrong there will always be some interactions that are best dealt with on the phone but many simple queries can be resolved by a combination of live chat and online knowledge.

By having someone support your website chats and viewings you are helping to build trust, different people prefer different contact channels, and by presenting a wider range of options customers will feel you are more responsive, more available and generally more interested in what they really want.

One of the great advantages to the Live chat option is we can target it very precisely.

If you have noticed a particularly high ‘drop-out’ rate on your website through that crucial point of the sales journey, we can help by having an agent readily available to support and assist your customers through those final stages by answering any final questions they may have.

If your web analytics show customers making repeated visits to a page without buying, we can target those customers too offering them help, answering any questions and handling any objections at that moment, there and then.

In turn, your business would benefit from a more efficient, more intelligent and more responsive customer service channel.

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