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Electrical Contractor Answering Service

Let great Customer Service empower your business! Let us take care of your phones so you can take care of business!

As an electrical contractor, much of your time is spent outside of the office. Most days have you at multiple job sites, unable to answer the phones. In the best case scenario, you have a receptionist working 8 hours a day, responding to as many calls as possible; more likely, though, your customers’ and suppliers’ calls are being forwarded to voicemail.

Did you know that 67% of customers hang up the phone if they can’t speak to a real person?

If you’re relying on an automated call attendant, not only is it unprofessional – it’s bad business. You need to respond to the needs of your clients. You need to provide a superior service experience for all of your customers. You need Angel Call Handling’s answering service for electricians.

Our team of representatives can provide answering services for your business. We can schedule appointments, dispatch your staff, respond to customer complaints, and offer basic estimates based on your fees and services list. We can also respond to FAQs that potential clients may have regarding your expertise and credentials.

Our agents can process an endless assortment of requests, and we will work with you to create custom scripts for any circumstance. We truly are an all-in-one solution for electrical contractors.

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