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Nail That Extra Hour!

Most people think they gain an extra hour in bed but in reality you actually gain the benefit of an extra hour while you’re awake!  

We have set the clocks back one hour and our body clocks will still be on Saturday's rhythm. Instead of waking up at 7 a.m. it will magically be 6 a.m. As long as you maintain the same wake up pattern you now get to start your day with an extra hour. So technically for the next 126 days you have been granted an additional 60 glorious minutes for whatever you want 😊 

The clocks going back means a whole bonus hour - but what will you do with it?  You should make a plan and use it to your benefit. Why not use any of these productivity boosting apps:- Evernote - Stay Organised Bring - Shopping List - To do list & Calendar Timely - Auto Time Tracking  

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