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Are You Heading Into Christmas Chaos!?!?

Overflow call handling is one of the most in demand services we offer. 

Certain times of the year can see sudden spikes in demand and these can be difficult to handle.  Large call volumes can be hard to predict and be a real problem for any business.

Having us to help with your overflow call handling can reduce customer waiting times and help make your business run smoother.

How It Works

We will step in and pick up those calls that you cannot get to in time – it’s as simple as that.  Your calls will come to us if your staff could not manage to pick the call up and the call will be answered in your business name by our friendly, professional receptionists while you and your staff get on with business.  We will hand off the details of the call to you or if we have access to your systems we will log the details as required.

If your staff are able to cope with the call volumes, then they simply won’t divert to us unless unanswered.

What You’ll Gain

  • Flexibility and Affordability

  • Every Call is Answered

  • Boosts Productivity

  • Saves on Overheads

  • Builds Your Reputation

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