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Tradesmen Don't Need Call Handling, Right??

Being a reputable Tradesmen offering high standards is what you do, visiting customers homes and meeting with them face to face is great, you don’t have time to be sat in an office answering calls, that’s not what a tradesman does, that won’t get the work done.

Office?? What office, you work from your van, in fact your van is your office!

Work comes through the mobile thick and fast, you can handle that right? It’s what you do!

But what happens when you are up a ladder or discussing work with a customer in their property, what if you are at that beautiful village bungalow with no phone signal, you miss that all important call, the call from a huge potential new customer?

It's ok, you can call them when you get a minute, however, that minute could be a minute too late, only too often you return that call to hear...

‘’Thank you for returning my call, but its ok I’ve got someone else, Thanks’’

Not everyone is happy to leave a voicemail. It’s not a real person. It’s all too easy for someone to search a local tradesman on the internet.

If the first person doesn’t answer that call, its not a problem, they just call the next one on the list, leaving that potential customer to someone else to snap up.

You don’t need Angel Call Handling, your business is too small, you’re only a one man band!


If this is the case then you are Perfect for us, just the person we love to support.

Here’s what we can do to support you, your business and its growth:

  • Supply you a free dedicated divert number – To use as you wish either all day everyday or just when you are busy, you control this.

  • Answer all your calls in your company name - All in a polite and professional manner

  • Answer any frequently asked questions

  • Diary Management – Provisional bookings for quotes / work to be carried out.

  • Exceptional Customer Service – To ensure your customers have a pleasant experience from the start.

We understand how important your customers and their journey are to you and to them. We thrive on exceptional customer service and believe we can support this both from a customer’s point of view and for the growth of your business.

Angel Call Handling have no set up fees, we do not charge you for spam callers or wrong numbers, our packages for this start at £34 a month – you even get from 10 free calls every month – it really is that straight forward, but you don’t need us, Right????

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