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Being Productive Rather Than Busy

Would you say that you are busy or productive?

Firstly, let's look at the difference between the two...

  • Being busy is having lots of goals & never feeling like you are achieving much of anything.

  • Being productive however, is setting priority to those goals & putting time aside to actually complete each task.

To become productive, it's time to prioritise EVERYTHING to create a balance. Everyone has that one thing that they keep putting off doing... when we do this we are procrastinating, the reason behind it is due to one of two reasons:-

  • It is not important enough to you.

  • You lack confidence in beng able to do it well.

If you haven't completed the task as it is not important enough to you, you need to establish why.

  • Will it bring you happiness or income if you were to complete the task?

  • Would it help someone else who is waiting for you to finish it?

If the benefit of completing the task is stronger than the desire to put it off, it needs to be bumped onto the priority list. Procrastinating can and will affect your progression both as an individual & business owner, your revenue & relationships with others.

  • Are you lacking confidence in an area of your life whether it be personally or in your business?

  • What is stopping you from growing?

  • From reaching your next goal?

If you feel like you're not too IT savvy or nervous of other peoples perception of you, this is normal. However, if you are always striving to be better, you will gradually overcome these fears and do it anyway! Whatever the reason, it's important to understand that you need a balance in all areas of your life. Lets use a day in the life of an Angel as an example... We are mum's, fiance's, friends, home owners & business women. We need to make sure that every aspect of our lives get attention daily in order to succeed. We need to make sure that our girls are fed, happy & learning. That our partners get to spend time with us without us being stuck to a laptop or other social media device. Make sure that friends don't feel abandoned. That our houses are cleaned and tidied. Then there's our clients that need to be looked after without fail. We are focussed and disciplined in all areas every day! It's not easy, it is hard work but it's rewarding. It is important that we feel like we are progressing and becoming a better improved version of ourselves everytime we learn something new.

Just because you've been busy all day today doesn't mean that you were productive. You may have been busy, but ask yourself...

  • What did you actually achieve?

  • How many things can you cross off your todo list?

  • How many goals were achieved today?

  • How much closer to achieving your goals have you got?

Set those goals and smash them - it's a great feeling just knowing you are achieving a little something every day.

Celebrate your successes. It's important. Use a tick list everyday for all the tasks & ensure that family time is set aside.

See what works for you, but make sure that you are achieving something & not too busy, being busy!

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