Every missed call is a miss opportunity. 80% of callers hang up when they hear a voicemail and 100% hang up when they hear an engaged tone! Angel Call Handling can ensure that both of these scenarios are avoided, and that every single call counts. You’ve advertised for these calls, so why lose them?
Angel Call Handling can be your “virtual receptionist”, your “switchboard“, your “marketing department” or your “customer service department” – whichever you prefer! Callers don’t need to know that some or all of your calls are being diverted to us, and we certainly won’t tell them.

Just give us a call on 01264 568430 so that we can find out exactly how your business works, who’s involved, what your company offers, and familiarise ourselves with the business so that we can portray the best possible image for you.

We then provide you with a unique phone number. You can then either publicise this number to your customers and in your advertising, or simply divert your current number to this line.

BT and Virgin Media allow you to divert and un-divert your phone simply by using the keypad. Once diverted, all calls are answered courteously, professionally and of course in your own company name by us.

Yes. You can choose to either divert all your calls to us, calls that are unanswered after 10 seconds, or calls made when your line(s) are engaged. You can divert and un-divert calls as many times as you wish during the day.
Our hours of operation are from 9:00 am until 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

We forward messages to you by email or text message if the call is urgent at no extra cost.

We ensure that we have enough resources available to handle all calls The average response time is just under 5 seconds. In fact, on average, we exceed 90% of calls being answered in less than 5 seconds.
You have to pay for the cost of a call from the landline to the mobile. It’s probably cheaper for us to take the message and for you to follow it up and if you provice us wih FAQ’s on your business we can possibly prevent the need for a call back saving you more time! Mobiles also lose reception and are an unreliable way of handling new business enquiries. If you are in a meeting, you will typically have your mobile turned off. With over 70% of callers refusing to leave messages on voicemails, you could be losing business to your competitors.
Speak with your telecoms provider and ask them to activate ‘Call Divert’ on your landline (BT and Virgin customers phone 150. This will incur a small charge of £1.75 per month) Once activated, you will will need to type a code into your phone to activate the diversion: To divert all calls *21*number you’ve been allocated# Remove the divert by pressing #21# To divert calls when busy / engaged *67*number you’ve been allocated# Remove the divert by pressing #67# To divert calls on no answer *61*number you’ve been allocated# Remove the divert by pressing #61# Mobile: Go to settings>divert Then type in the number you’ve been allocated Go to settings>divert Then ‘cancel’ diversion
If you have a compatible calendar that is accessible online, then the answer is Yes. Let us know what considerations we should take into account when booking, such as:- – time required between appointments – prep time – travel time Give us as much information to ensure that we are making best use of your time. We will take the time to get to know as much as possible about your company and this in turn will remove a huge amount of pressure from you.
A call handling service provides businesses, large or small, with communications support that can be tailored to their specific needs. From extra support answering calls and email enquiries in busy periods, to an overflow service to ipck up calls when your ooffice staff is overwhelmed with calls/work. The service is designed to enhance and improve customer relations, by ensuring all callers receive excellent customer service with an accurate and immediate response at all times.
We work out cheaper than full time member of staff. Pay your monthly retainer starting from £34 per month and then £1.25 per call. We do not charge for spam or wrong numbers. – No PAYE – No NI – No sick pay – No holiday pay – No pension – No downtime

Before you go....

How many opportunities could you be missing?

Our call handling services start at just £0.90p per call.
No extra fees, no hidden suprises (Well only the good type!)

Let us support your company, so that you can do what you do best; grow the business and deliver a quality service