Virtual Landline Numbers

Get a Business Telephone Number

A landline number helps a business, regardless of size, look professional, trustworthy & established. But getting a traditional wired landline is a hassle and you find you have been locked into a 12 or 24-month contract. 

This is why we here, at Angel Call Handling, have decided to offer the service of owning a landline number that rings directly through to your mobile!

Get A Local Geographic Number

Choose a number with an area code that is relevant to your location.

Calls Are Diverted Directly To Your Mobile

Customers call a landline number and you can answer these calls on your mobile wherever you might be.

Same Day Setup

No installation fee as it’s all done online. Your new landline number will be up and running for you the same day you order it!

Only £9.99 + VAT a month

30-day rolling contract

No minimum term contract

Included Free Features

Cheaper Than A Wired Landline
The line rental for a wired landline can be in excess of double our costs. We have no setup fees and no minimum term contracts.
Caller ID
We can set up your number to display your number when diverting through to your mobile, this way you know if the call is work or personal and answer it appropriately.
Out Of Hours Automation
Tell us your opening hours and any calls received out of hours will be diverted straight to your dedicated voicemail automatically.
Holiday Mode
Tell us when you’re going on holiday and we can divert your calls straight to voicemail or an alternative number during your holiday so you are not disturbed!
No Divert Fees
A wired landline supplier will charge you for every minute they divert calls to your mobile. Not fair at all!
Welcome Announcement
Choose to play a custom welcome message to your callers before diverting the call to give a warm professional welcome.
Unanswered Calls
We can set calls to go to your dedicated voicemail if you do not answer the call within a set number of seconds/rings.
Annonymous Call Rejection
You can choose to auto-reject No Caller ID Calls. If a caller tries your number with their number withheld they will hear a message asking them to redial without withholding their number.
No Hidden Costs
What you see is what you get – no hidden charges = no nasty surprises!
Full Customisation
You can record your own personalised voicemail and welcome message greetings to replace our greetings.
Voicemail To Email
All voicemails can be delivered automatically to an email address of your choice for you to listen to at any time.
Divert Order
Divert to different phone numbers in order when engaged or unable to answer.

Virtual Landline Number FAQ's

It’s £9.99 + vat per month, no hidden charges, no minimum term, you can cancel at any time for free.

No! No set up costs or installation fees. We can also have you up and running the same day.

We do not charge for diverting calls, it’s free and unlimited.

No, the cost of the call is the same to any other landline number. You will be making a saving and passing the saving on to your customers as they will no longer have the extra cost of calling your mobile number anymore.
It is simply a 30 day rolling contract, give us notice at the beginning of the month and we will cancel the Virtual Landline at the end of the month.

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