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Angel Call Handling has partnered with Arise which allows us to offer this legitimate self-employed work from home opportunity. We work with the nation’s top fortune 500 clients. Our openings are available to individuals nationwide. We are always hiring new talent to represent our company as a customer service professional. (CSP agent)

All of our positions are a combination of inbound and outbound customer service based roles and you have the option to choose which type of work you take on. For those looking for legitimate work at home career, Angel Call Handling is the right place for you!

You are taught everything you need to know to take calls via an online classroom setting with a live instructor. (Experience is always a plus but not required!) Once certified you are guaranteed a position and can immediately start selecting your work schedule. It’s an amazing opportunity. We offer very flexible schedules you select when to work and which days you take off. As an Angel Call Handling agent, you are your own boss and can save daily on childcare, no daily commute, save on petrol, ditch the suit, ditch the office drama and spend more time with those that matter most to you.

Customer Service

You will find yourself resolving billing enquiries to explaining the products and services of the highly branded clients, you will need to build trust and rapport with customers. It is very important for clients to feel confident and worry-free when it comes to customer care. Together with Arise, we will invest the time and energy necessary for you to be well prepared to deal with your calls.


There is the chance to join a sales team and achieve the targeted sales goals. As an outstanding sales team member you will quickly become well-versed in the current promotions and maintain top sales performance, you will need to showcase your sales techniques and overcome customer objections. We are committed to providing consistent reliable sales service for every client request, every time.

Technical Support

You will provide the clients the assistance they deserve by being a highly capable and competent Agent! After completing your training you will be part of a competent team of professionals who apply their experience and know-how on every call - striving to resolve technical issues quickly. Your attention to detail and use of active listening skills to find a solution will allow you to resolve all issues on the call.


Image - Angel Call Handling

A Coffee Company

An Internationally Renowned Coffee Supplier, dealing with either Technical Help or Customer Enquiries & taking orders.

Image - Angel Call Handling

An Energy Supplier

Customer services for a major energy supplier, assisting with customers enquiries.

Image - Angel Call Handling

International Travel Agent

One of our longest-standing clients, you will be providing customer services for a leading holiday exchange company.

Benefits & Fees



A deduction of £25 is taken from your pay, on every invoice you receive. This covers the fees charged for the usage of the Arise platform and the fees charged by Angel Call Handling Ltd, in helping you get set up, processing invoices and providing ongoing support on your journey with Arise.

As a member of the Arise Premier Partner Alliance, we are currently offering discounts on the course fees and DBS checks, for a limited time only. Please contact us, for more information.


In order to be eligible to work with us, you need to be:

Admission Team Contact Details:

If you have any enquiries regarding joining Angel Call Handling Ltd as your IB, feel free to email us on: or call 01264 586300

For enquiries regarding all registration process related matters on the Arise Platform please email or or call free on: 0800 260 5693.

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